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Fix New York's Inadequate Abortion Law

New York’s abortion law has not met constitutional standards for more than four decades – a shock to New Yorkers who want their state to be a progressive leader.

Unless it's immediately life-saving, getting an abortion after 24 weeks in New York is a criminal act according to New York’s law even if it's to save a woman's health or the fetus is not viable. That not only doesn’t comply with Roe v. Wade -- it results in devastating denials of care.

Women with serious illness or whose fetuses have anomalies incompatible with life sometimes do not even discover these conditions until after 24 weeks. Women have been unable to get abortions in New York after 24 weeks even while being treated for multiple types of cancer or in circumstances when a fetus is not viable. Traveling to another state can cost an estimated $25,000 – not an option for low-income women.

With President Donald Trump wanting to overturn Roe, New York needs to pass the Reproductive Health Act to protect reproductive rights, and take abortion out of the criminal law code and put it in the public health code where it belongs.

Demand state leaders pass the Reproductive Health Act! 

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New York should be a leader for the rest of the country, but our inadequate abortion laws don't comply with Roe v. Wade and don't include protections for a woman's health. New York law criminalizes abortions after 24 weeks, resulting in devastating denials of care.

You must act now by supporting the Reproductive Health Act.
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With President Donald Trump wanting to overturn Roe, New York depends on its state laws. It must:

(1) Ensure a woman can get an abortion throughout pregnancy if her health is at risk or her fetus is not viable;

(2) Take abortion law out of the criminal code and put it into the public health law; and

(3) Clarify that medical practitioners who are licensed, certified and trained to provide abortion services may lawfully do so.

Please do your part to make sure the Reproductive Health Act becomes law.
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